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Villa of Tirano

Electronics and appliances a Villa of Tirano

If you are looking for electronics and household appliances in Tirano, DGR is the right place for you. Among our brands, there is no shortageApple, Asus, Beko, Thermomix, Bosch, Braun, Canon, Daikin, Dyson, Playstation, IPhone, Siemens, Imetec, LG, Mitsubishi, De Longhiand many others.

Ideal for those arriving from nearby Switzerland, from Aprica or from the upper and middle valleys of the province of Sondrio

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Via Nazionale, 102
(on the highway)
23030 Villa of Tirano (SO)


Open every day

9:00-12:30 and 14:00-19:00

Closed on
March 31st March 24



Telephone and Whatsapp
0342 705712 



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