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After-sales assistance and repairs 

Aftercare – sales and repairs in Livigno and Villa di Tirano

Laboratory repairs

(small appliances, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, irons, mixers)

Home repairs

(large appliances such as washing machines, fridges, dryers, ovens, dishwashers)

TV installations (wall fixing, creation of channel lists for satellite TV)

Sale of vacuum cleaner bags and filters

Sale of spare parts for small and large household appliances 

(blades, doors, shelves, gaskets, refrigerator drawers, pumps, electronic boards, battery packs, resistors, etc.)

We at DGR are able to provide you after-sales assistance and repair of household appliances from Livigno to Sondrio. Whatever the problem with your oven, your washing machine or your dishwasher, whatever the need for spare parts for your vacuum cleaner, your coffee machine or your toaster, do not hesitate to contact our company immediately.

Our company has been dealing with for many years assistance and repair of household appliances from Livigno to Sondrio, relying on original spare parts, coming directly from the parent company. Furthermore, we can count on an extremely trained and constantly updated staff, who will be able to satisfy your every need. 

Spare parts are strictly original and authorized by the parent company, so that you do not go and buy items that could compromise the guarantee of your appliance, cause a malfunction of the product, with consequent risks for your safety.


Authorized technical assistance of various brands, we respond under warranty within 24 months.

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