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Delivery and installation of household appliances in Livigno and Villa di Tirano

You have purchased a product from us?

In order to meet our customers as much as possible, we offer a valid home appliance delivery and installation service in Livigno and Villa di Tirano.


Our service includes: 

Delivery to the floor

Connection to electricity/water supply 

Unpacking and product check

Test first ignition

Possible built-in/wall application

Appliance storage service 

(maximum duration 1 month)

Test first ignition

Technical and specialized carriers will deliver directly to your home by making an appointment by telephone


Delivery to floor plus link

In addition to the delivery to your home, we will take care of the o water connection. Connection to the electricity mains consists in connecting the product's socket to the wall socket and must be understood as a standard system, without the need to modify the plugs or apply extension cords.

Delivery to the floor plus installation house hold appliance built-in

Tumble dryers, freezers, ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, hobs, built-in televisions, hoods: in addition to the delivery and connection, we will also take care of the installation of the appliance, with its fastening to the furniture (if necessary).
With the purchase of a television, the service includes wall fixing of the bracket (to be purchased separately and at the customer's care) and of the television itself and the channels are tuned; the ducts where to house the wires must already be prepared by the customer. 

Ci occupiamo anche dello smaltimento dell' elettrodomestico da sostituire

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