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The television offer in hotels continues to be one of the fundamental services for guests. Programming variety and image quality: we at DGR we make available to the sector hospitality a wide range of technological solutions to meet current needs in the field of connectivity and entertainment thanks to the latest generation TV with a mix of Italian and foreign channels. We are in fact able to create a single channel list with Italian and foreign channels taken from the satellite signals.


The hospitality TVthey are specifically designed to be installed in hotel and B&B rooms and have audio limitations or channel blocks designed to help the hoteliers work, but above all to improve or facilitate the various guests' stay in the hotel. DGR also offers aUSB pendrive which will allow you to load the channel list quickly and comfortably on all TVs and the practical service of TV wall installation.

In order to meet our customers as much as possible, we offer a valid home appliance delivery and installation service in Livigno and Villa di Tirano.


Our service includes: 


Delivery to the floor


Unpacking and product check


Connection to electricity/water supply 


Possible built-in/wall application


Test first ignition


Appliance storage service 

B to B service cartridges and toners

Sold out the cartridge or toner of your office? Send us the photo of your cartridge or toner via WhatsApp at0342.705712, we will take care of the rest.

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Operational rental for companies

Among the other services offered by DGR, there is no shortage of operational rental of technological tools such as servers, fixed and portable PCs, monitors, laptops, notebooks, tablets, but also printers for business use and much more. But what is the great advantage of operational leasing through Grenke? The rental of computer equipment and office tools allows companies to be able to use equipment against the payment of a fixed monthly or other periodic fee. In other words, the company or even the professional who enters into an operating rental contract chooses to use a service and not to buy an asset, thus avoiding all the charges associated with ownership. 
The tax advantages of operational leasing with Grenke allow you to have capital goods useful for your business, without acquiring ownership. A flexible solution that allows continuous technological renewal, protecting you from the risk of product obsolescence. 

The operational rental it also has the following conveniences because it allows you to:

Download 100% of the rental installments 

Planning security thanks to constant fees 

Liquidity maintenance 

Significant improvement of credit rating 

Always up-to-date technology

Also available for equipment of limited amount, starting from 500 euros

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